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What is CSPS?

Our world is constantly changing, and ever more so quickly. Postmodernism is the present paradigm, a worldview that defines our era. Pastors and church members alike often express their difficulties in sharing their faith with people who are shaped by the postmodern and secular mindset. We agree that it is not an easy task.

The Global Mission Center for Secular and Postmodern Studies is part of the Office of Adventist Mission at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It exists to help the Seventh-day Adventist church better understand secular and postmodern people, and to help them live a real experience with God.

Our aim is to better understand secular and postmodern minded people, and to engage them in a relevant and effective manner so that they may have a real experience with God and become His disciples. We produce and encourage scientific research in order to provide the church with practical tools for helping our friends know God.

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